Saturday, February 15, 2014

Channeling Haight Ashbury for the Spring...Thanks But No Thanks

Gucci's spring line brings back the long long long fringes reminiscent of 1960s hippie culture.

Watch those things get caught everywhere. Yes, I know this will happen from personal experience.....

By the way, been there wore that....

I was only a little tadpole, but the fashions willowed down to us tweens. It's great fun to wear fringes, tie-dye and ripped jeans when you're a kid, but it's really not the style of a grown-up.

However, last year's flowery pants '60s redux, on the other hand, were very very very cool and very adult. HERE

For the most part when you want to buy an expensive handbag its always best to go for the classics. (Unless of course you are one of those lucky someone's with money to burn, then wasting money on fads is no biggie.) These Gucci handbags are so much more elegant than those fringe endowed purses and will also be fashionable for decades.


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