Saturday, February 8, 2014

NIKE Fuel Bands

I decided that we needed a little bit of a kick in the pants when it came to our exercise routine, so I bought me and the boys these Nike electronic devices. I am not truly sure that they will eventually accomplish anything, especially since the oldest refuses to open the box and even though my college-guy has opened his, plus installed the app, he still hasn't put the fuel band on.

But I am working on getting them interested. I even bought them the Fuel Bands in their favorite colors: black for the oldest (only because there was no deep- or navy- blue, guess he is still in that adolescent, self-reflection deep tonal stage); Kelly green for the collegeman (it has always been his favorite); pink for me (and yes it's a girl thing).

I really just wanted them to be aware of how inactive they really are and to try to spur them on to move a little more during the day. Yep they do workout, but other than that they generally sit on their tushies all day. Granted the boys are students and do spend time studying at a desk, but when they are done with their work they typically just sit and play video games, only minutely interspersed with some chores.

Honestly, I truly think that in times gone by, we were a little more active than this generation happens to be. Of course that could just be me. In truth, we always do look back on our lives and think we did it better than the new generation.

Meanwhile, I put my band on yesterday and was sad to see that since I did not work out during the day and really didn't do any chores, I actually burned maybe 48 calories in the afternoon. Afterall I really was just sitting at my desk playing on the computer all day. In other words, the only food I should have eaten was some celery, not the turkey sandwich with beef-barley soup that I had for lunch.

Now granted we have had some flu, and now strep, in the house, so it makes us all a little under the weather and loathe to over-move ourselves. But in the end the exercise-less-question we are dealing with is the real level of familial sickness and whether we are simply using recuperating from illness as an excuse to just be lazy. Maybe, perhaps.....oh heck probably,....all right, I admit it, we are being lazy for certain.

Anyway if you are interested in you can read about the bands HERE.

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