Sunday, March 2, 2014

Candy Crush Saga and my inability to let go

I generally don't participate in Facebook games. In fact while everyone else was building a little farm and exporting their crops, I simply would help out all my Facebook friends by clicking on whatever anyone asked me to so they could play on. I thought being drawn into an on going saga of building, weeding, reaping and selling while of course paying for the privilege of getting annoyed that the next level was so out of reach, was well just this side of "really, what is wrong here?"

I would like to say a mea culpa. I am so sorry for anytime I thought bad things about people who were too obsessed with Farmville. I have found my nadir and it is Candy Crush Saga. And I have no idea why I am so obsessed. It's fun to play. But so was Tetris. OK that obsession did last a while for me too. Had my own gameboy and played for hours.  I think its the puzzle thing...but don't quote me. Even still play Tetris on my phone, but mostly today I just find it boring.

Meanwhile, I woke up this morning early at 5AM. But instead of turning over and going back to bed, I checked my life line and was able to play. So I played. I have to tell you that I realized how out of control that was when I got annoyed at myself for being annoyed at the game. Apparently I have reached a new level where I can play two threads at one time. Level 51 is just so peachy-keen...NOT. Hershey-like candy pieces keep popping up after you have destroyed the blocks and the jelly. Apart from the fact that I really don't like Hershey's chocolate (I know how unAmerican of me, right), reminding me to eat chocolate all the time is really not good for my diet or my psyche. Now in the alternative universe of Candy Crush there is a little bitty owl that you need to keep on his perch while you destroy all the old nemesis. So you have to get rid of the blocks as you make sure the owl doesn't fall down. Trying to keep two objectives in mind can be really challenging. ....I'm not kidding.

And yes, I have paid my extra .99 cents and even 1.99 for 5 extra moves just so I could level up. I have even paid to go to the next sequence in the game. I think right now I have spent about $20 on Candy Crush. Or at least that is all I think I have spent. I really don't want to go back and total up my iTunes account. I could say it was thrown away money, but then again I could also go to the movies, buy a few cups of Starbucks (which would irk me), buy some fancy shmancy French macaroons (oh my favorite), partake of a really nice bottle of table wine or a sparkling wine for dinner, or even download a new eBook to my kindle.

By the way, I have at least 10 eBooks waiting to be read. But I keep playing Candy Crush Saga and I just don't have the patience to read. I wonder if this is how the Roman Empire fell...people being more interested in mundane, annoying non-intellectual pursuits instead of bettering their minds. On the other hand, there is definitely a strategy to winning at CC. Much like a maze or a puzzle. They say these games can ward off Alzheimer and dementia, while keeping you sharp in your old age. Well its a good ploy and one that I keep telling myself.

I have also gone back to doing the New York Times crossword puzzle. No I don't read that leftist-progressive-shill of a  so-called newspaper, but they do have one challenging crossword. I usually can finish the entire puzzle through Wednesday and sometimes even half of Thursday. After that it really is just too hard, esoteric and convoluted for me to be able to finish any amount in good order. (Yes, I tell myself, that its their fault and not mine. They simply want you to fail.) Saturday by the way is the hardest day. While the Sunday crossword is a class all unto itself. In fact, sometimes the Sunday puzzle can be fun though, if you can figure out the theme.

Meanwhile, every time I do think about how much I am spending playing that soul sucking game, Candy Crush saga, I remember the time in law school that we would play in the arcade for hours on end. Of course it was a challenge to see how long you could play space invaders on just one quarter. In fact we all got kinda good at it. Well at least the hubby did, me not so much.

Meanwhile, I am stuck. I don't like the level I am on and that owl is simply annoying. Maybe this is my beachhead and I will not go any further. Perhaps sheer annoyance at the game itself will force me to let go. Maybe...maybe....maybe in the end, Candy Crush Saga itself, will save me from myself.



  1. Welcome friend! Haahaa! Did you know you can play on your laptop (via FB) and have 5 more lives?? You're welcome. ;)

    1. But of course...and play on my phone and ipad as well. i got all the blocks covered. :) LOL


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