Sunday, March 23, 2014

Coach did it, Now Dooney and Burke Seems to Have Remembered Grown-ups

When I was growing up there were two iconic American handbag companies, Coach and Dooney and Burke. But somehow in the middle of the It Bag craze of the 90s and early OOs, these bag companies decided not to fight for the grown-up dollar. They devolved into some version of the teeny-bopper handbag of the moment. No self-respecting purse obsessed adult would be seen with anything purchsed from one of these two American companies. Of course it didn't help their advertising any when it was revealed that the all-American Coach bag is now made in China. At least D&B is still manufactured in Norwalk, Connecticut.

It seems that with new people at the helms of these two companies, they have finally decided to return to the people that actually have enough money to buy their products, working adults. As I mentioned in an earlier post, Coach has some rather adult handbags this season. Albeit I found the hardware rather flimsy and lacking in pizzazz. Pleasantly, their spring line has some interesting new shapes. I am particularly fond of the new domed satchel. But the colors leave something to be desired. Pale blues, beiges and white really do not say spring, but rather blah.

But here is a new tote from Dooney and Burke. I like its simple lines and the variety of colors for purchase, which is really a D&B hallmark
Side Stitched Shopper

This picture has left out the gorgeous blue Here.

I could see myself happily carting this bag around knowing that it is a real grown-up handbag. Not bad that it's also really made in the USA either.


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