Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring is T-shirt Season

In the winter you are bundled up, wrapped, stuffed and clipped into anything that will keep the chill out. One of the nicer things about warmer weather is that your clothes really don't have to be so very restricting. Spring for me begins t-shirt season.

But the question remains, just how much do you spend on a shirt that your grandfather wore as underwear?

This little ditty can go day or night. Jockey brand t-shirt for women. Personally I like men's t-shirts only because they are boxier and more comfortable. I still find too many women's tees to be too clingy and quite frankly that's not what a t-shirt is for. HERE . $21

Here's another style from Hanes in many different colors:

Apparently you can buy these t-shirts at Kohls for $6.99 each or a classic 3 pack v-neck tee in white for $29.00

Meanwhile at the other end of the fashion spectrum you can buy t-shirts for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars.

A beautiful cashmere tee from Eileen Fisher for $235. Not certain that they should really call that a tee. It's a cashmere shirt. But it does come in your choice of 6 colors.

Now if all you want is a white cotton t-shirt (organic of course) that will only set you back $100 courtesy of Eileen Fisher.

On the other hand you can also spend upwards of almost $600 for this puckered tee from Armani Colleczioni.

Or you could come back down to earth with this cute little colorful number from Lafayette 148 New York for only $278.

Of course for those of us who aren't quite into wearing our grandfathers underwear and have decided that we need to spend our money on food, rent and other essentials, not a t-shirt, there is always

The Gap

GAP 40% sale right now too.


or Old Navy

with 15% off women's styles (picture from momtrends)

And for that hipster girl in you, there is always Anthropologie and their Francophile t-shirts

these start at $48

Anyway you look at it, t-shirts are abundant and for every budget.

As for me, hot days coupled with the wonderful hot flashes of menopause have meant I choose grandpa's underwear for comfort. As I said earlier, I go for breezy and create my own sense of style.


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