Thursday, April 3, 2014

Don't Buy #Gucci They Really Don't Stand Behind Their Product

If you have been a reader of my blog for awhile you know that I have some rather distinct lower back issues. When they flare up I have trouble even carrying a purse. So during my last flare up in February, I decided to treat myself and purchase a very light weight Gucci tote. Yes I know, expensive, but I was feeling rather horrid and having just sold my entire handbag collection, put together over a thirty year period,  on TheRealReal I decided to gift myself. They call it retail therapy.

The salesperson, a rather charming youngman, convinced me that the all leather version of the tote was better than the cloth with pebbled leather corners because it would hold up a lot a better for everyday use. He mentioned that the cloth is not really coated well and he thought it might stain easily. This of course did make sense to me at the time. Well needlesstosay the handbag didn't hold up to my satisfaction. The color and leather at the corners have begun to wear away already.

I used the tote for about a week until my back felt better and then I put in my closet inside the dustbag. I treated the purse very well. When I took it out this morning to use it again, I noticed that the coloring on the corners had worn away worse than I remembered. Note: it had not been touched since I put the bag in my closet a month ago.

I called the local store where I purchased the product and asked to return it. That having bought it so recently (only 5 weeks ago)  it should not wear away at the corners. When they called back the manager told me that they would repair it but their return policy was ten days. I mentioned to him that you can't see if something is going to not wear well within ten days. I also mentioned to him that repairing the corners  would also not solve the issue. How would repairing it keep the leather from wearing away again so quickly?  His response was that it was my choice what to do. He said that this was the policy of the company and that he didn't want to risk his job by taking my handbag back.

Now I don't blame him one bit for not wanting to lose his job. I told him I don't want him to risk his job either, but that I think the company's policy is terrible. That I have dealt with other companies over the years and this was not my first designer bag. I had always gotten satisfaction from other handbag designers, including replacements and returns. He actually said to me that they know the other stores in the mall and their policy is equivalent. In other words, he called me a liar. (As if the only place, when you are 30 minutes from New York City, is to shop at the local mall.) Which I happened to call him out on. I also told him that they have lost a customer for certain.

The moral of this story:  if you ever have extra money and want to treat yourself to a very fine and overpriced handbag, make certain that you don't buy Gucci. They don't stand behind their product not one iota.


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