Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy World Penguin Day

How could these beautiful creatures not make you happy?

The unpolitically correct penguins from Madigascar.

And no World Penguin Day would be complete without a scene from Happy Feet.

From Greenpeace:  

It’s World Penguin Day today, and a fine excuse to celebrate the majesty and silliness of fine-flippered friends. In that spirit, I thought it would be good to pull together some fun facts about penguins. Some are fun, some are facts, and some are both at once.  And don’t miss the how you can help bit at the end.

All wild penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere, and although they are synonymous with the ice,  only two species live on the continent of Antarctica. The Galapagos penguin is the only penguin that ever naturally ventures into the Northern Hemisphere on especially long feeding trips

The first bird actually called a ‘penguin’ was the now-extinct Great Auk found in the North Atlantic. Tragically, early explorers and their contemporaries found Great Auks a little too tasty, and the birds were all killed off.

Fossil evidence shows that penguins evolved before the Dinosaurs died out, and there are remains of giant, people-sized, prehistoric penguins. 

Learn more about penguins HERE.


World Penguin Day happens on April 25th annually. This is the time when millions of penguins drift to north. Unlike other birds that drift each year.  Penguins cannot fly instead of this; they stroll, or toddle to their new home and breeding grounds. It is a very long journey across the ice. Perhaps you saw an example of the journey in the movie ‘Happy Feet’. Penguins are very special. - See more at:


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