Sunday, April 20, 2014

MMM Yeah Yeah

New teenybopper sensation Austin Mahone joins with Pitbull for a little bit of old fashioned PG rated music. Now I never heard of the kid. But of course, not having teenage girls and being rather curmudgeonly myself, it's not surprising. But apparently this 17 year old won the MTV's "Artists to Watch" award....The music industry is trying to get the girls who love his music (aka think he's really cute) to label themselves "Mahomies"....not kidding. People in the business think he's the new Justin Beiber apparently (if your teenager can be a "Belieber" then they think she will be a "Mahomie"), or else international singing star Pitbull would not be taking time in this video.

Notice too, Pitbull is not in his usual white-suit and tie. He looks like he is trying to channel James Dean. Wonder if he is looking for a new image as well.

James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause


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