Thursday, May 15, 2014

In #Fashion-When less is more


I have been obsessed with totes this season. I have looked for something that was chic, fashionable, long-lasting and timeless, but didn't require I put a second mortgage on my house. It has not been easy. For any number of reasons I never liked what I saw, or what was in my price point range.

I have found that the best way to find a bag you really like is to see what someone else might be carrying. You get to see how it looks on the shoulder and if you watch long enough you see if it really is functionable. (OK that may come off as stalking, but I prefer to think of it as people watching.) If another woman finds her bag comfortable it just might work for you. I am also not ashamed to ask what brand a purse is or compliment someone on their choice of handbag.

Well, in my hunt for the perfect tote I found someone using these products discussed in the above video. The tote has a comfortable shoulder strap. It is roomy, unadorned with a very modern feel. Notice there is none of that very heavy bling, which could cause you to have to undergo major back surgery.

The philosophy of the company is very interesting. They have started a program called LEAN CLOSET. They want you to take a good look at your life. Evaluate how you live. Be honest with yourself. Then take the unused articles of clothing and send it back to them and they will redistribute it to those in need. To accomplish this you can purchase a fedex label when you buy their products. Of course you could just go through your closet and bring your unnecessary items to any local  charity organization. There are always people in need no matter where you live.

Anyway this is the bag I liked:

The company also sells different styles of bags, and clothing too. Simple, fresh and yes affordable.



  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! I LOVE the tote in the picture above (it's exactly what I'm looking for as well) and I love the Cuyana philosophy -- however the above posted bag doesn't appear to be on the CUY site this a different design perhaps? I just love that deep burgundy color (the CUY looks like it's on the lighter side). Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      That is actually their basic tote. The color may have changed because of the time of year but you can still find it in many colors including the burgundy.That is their $150 tote. There are two sizes the tall and the short.Try this link Agree, the burgundy is scrumptious. I am just loving all their items for fall too. Check out the clothes, and accessories.


  2. Love this look! Is your bag the tall or short version of their tote?


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