Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Vegan Shoes- Nothing edible but very wearable

Every time you happen to hear the word vegan its in the context of food or diet. But did you know that its also about a total way of life. People who are against eating meat would in no way wear leather or have animal based products in their home. Now this is all well and good when you are talking about clothes. There are any number of natural fibers you can wear or even man-made fabrics that wouldn't cross the cruelty line. But what about shoes? You want to wear some fun, comfortable and stylish shoes. Shoes also need to be supportive.

Well lo and behold, I bought a pair of vegan shoes at my local store and didn't even know they were vegan. I liked them because they were comfortable, and funky. I especially liked the flowers on the wedge heel. I also am a fan of the Maryjane, nostalgia feel of the shoes. I wore the black with some capris-cargo-sweatpants pants that are for being out and about, not perspiring at the gym.

Haven't worn the red ones yet, but am looking forward to it. I figure these shoes can take me into the summer and are good all of next fall. They might be too hot for the real-dog-days of summer, so I am going to look for some comfortable sandals for those hazy-lazy-days. FYI- these shoes are also very affordable.

Meanwhile you can get a gander at these shoes at Zappos, Amazon, J-41 Adventure Website.

Here is a listing of 18 vegan shoes from ecouterre.

Of course, you do get into the discussion that the man-made products are petroleum-oil-based and questioning the true eco-friendly nature of the shoe. Now some say the answer to that is to recycle the plastic/petroleum based products used in the making of the fabrics.

And here I was thinking I had not only finally found some pretty, reasonably priced shoes for myself, but had been socially conscientious, while doing something good for the planet.

I know there is always something isn't there?



  1. I'm not a vegan, but that is actually really cool that you were able to find functional, awesome shoes like that! The Mary Jane style is so cool. Anyway, nifty info, thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Hi AudreyStarJ,

      Thanks for the comment. That is really the best part of my shoe discovery. I wasn't looking for a vegan shoe either. I always thought they would be very crunchy-granola-hippie-dippy kind of shoes. But lo and behold was I please to have by misconceptions proven wrong.



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