Monday, June 16, 2014

Celebrating a Good Nights Sleep...Menopause Be Damned

Something happened about a decade ago I stopped sleeping. I would fall asleep, but wake up around 3AM and never get back to sleep. I can critique every show that is on TV at that time of day. I guess I should be glad that I live now during the era of cable television. Heaven knows what I would do with myself in the middle of the night if there was nothing to watch. Believe you me, telling me to read a book is not going to work in the wee hours of the morn. Yes, this became a habit.

OK, my nocturnal sleep habits also had to do with menopause, I not only awoke, I awoke soaked from head to toe and invariably had to change my pajamas. Hot flashes, you see don't just happen during the day. It's a really interesting occurrence. I fall asleep freezing, because I try to keep it cool as much as possible ( to try to avert a soaking) but it seems that does no good. Of course, I am not quite certain how I would fare if I kept my bedroom at a normal temperature. Who knows, I might just flood the bed all together.

Seriously, I became so desperate I even tried OTC sleep medication. Heck, I even tried melatonin, which is a useless piece of crap. The only thing that melatonin did was make me terribly depressed. No, I haven't try any prescription meds recently, since I had tried ambien once in my 30s and it turned me into a zombie. Meanwhile, the OTC meds also leave me hungover the next day and I only use them when I haven't slept through the night for at least three days.

So any night that I get a sleep that lasts over 5 hours I celebrate. Last night was such a night. After watching the season finale of Game of Thrones (another post for another day), I turned over and went to sleep. Next thing I knew it was 6:30 AM.


I suppose eventually you get so tired that nothing will wake you up. And yes I still woke up over-heated, and soaked. But at least I can enjoy that cup of coffee, not to stay awake, but simply because it tastes so good.


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