Sunday, June 15, 2014

Having fun at a big box store

Every weekend I go to the big box store. The one closest to me is BJ's Club. Now many of my friends take the daring route and go over the Tappen Zee into Rockland County to buy at Costco. They think its a better store. I think avoiding that awful bridge traffic  is what is better for me.

In any event these stores are a shoppers paradise. I feel like a kid in a candy store. Whether its clothes, food, gadgets or laundry detergent, the idea that I can buy in bulk, at cut prices, is just so much fun. I also peruse their book stand to see what I might download to my kindle (Shhh don't tell anyone.)

Is the joy I feel during these shopping excursions a sign of me getting older? Absolutely not. It's a sign of me being wiser. Granted if I didn't have three men at home to feed it wouldn't really pay for me to go to these big stores, but I do and it does.

Now does that mean its the only food store I frequent? Absolutely not. BJ's doesn't carry everything I need so invariably I actually end up at three supermarkets over the weekend.

Am I a little obsessive about what I bring in my house? ....Ummmmm....Yep.

Oh and on another note, who thought of the name BJ's anyway? Everytime I ask if anyone wants to come with me, my 20 year-old breaks out in laughter. Youngmen can be soooooo immature.


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