Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I take it back...found me a pair of little sexy summer sandals....

Well I tried to find sexy summer sandals just one more time and huzzah I did. (Yeah for me!)

On the advice of a friends I happened to venture into TJ Maxx for some lightweight work out clothes. Meanwhile, walking around the store I happened upon sandals very similar to these from Lauren by Ralph Lauren....

Yes, my big fat feet are just so ever slightly wide for the shoe (I have a nasty little bunion, which I refuse to have surgically removed.) Unless you are dealing with a total fashionista-bitch or a creepy someone with a foot fetish, noone will really notice the ever so minimal little overhang anyway. So for half price, $30,  I bought myself some sexy little sandals.

Oh yeah I also found some really well priced workout pants that will allow me to exercise during the warm months without feeling like I am in a volcano. Honestly, it's not easy to function in a gym, if you are sweating so profusely you have sweat dropping into your eyes and you can't see a damn thing. Well hopefully no more of that.


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