Thursday, June 19, 2014 have to think about heart disease

All of a sudden you have to start seeing a cardiologist. Then because your cholesterol is up, then down, then up again, they insist on putting you on lipitor or some other cholesterol lowering drug. Now you eat right, exercise and only cheat once in a while on your diet. But apparently it's really not enough. You also  have a family history where the women, once they hit menopause and that estrogen stops inserting itself into your body, the bad cholesterol decides to have a mind of its own.

I suppose I should be thankful for the drug. Hubby's doctor actually put him on  a "preventative" statin since he was in his late 30s. His father died very young from heart disease. Yes family history plays a role in how you are treated too, not just your blood work.

In truth heart disease is the number one killer of women in the USA. Many people think it's breast cancer, but that killer is down the list. Sadly, heart disease in women is generally ignored and since women don't exhibit symptoms like a man (of course) doctors tend to overlook what is really happening with them. So do go to a cardiologist. Get your cholesterol checked and make sure that you stay healthy.

As for me. I am not looking forward to taking a pill. My mother and grandmother had side-effects from the statins, which were so bad that they stopped taking the drug. But my father took statins with no problem. So maybe it might be a good thing. I have no need to be sick from meds, but you don't know if you can tolerate the medicine until you take it.

Honestly, these doctors give you a pill to save you and it's that pill which kills you. So not happy right now. But I'll keep everyone posted.

Heart disease info from the Mayo Clinic. 
National Institutes of Health
American Heart Association- Go Red for Women 

P.S. Doctor just called and because my carotid artery study was very good, and that I am overwhelmingly healthy, the doctor said to just keep everything up, watch my diet just a little better and then we will see what my blood says in a year. So no pill right now. YEAH



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