Sunday, June 1, 2014

The moment when I came to the conclusion that I can't wear skimpy sexy little sandals anymore

I was determined to buy myself some fun, girly and sexy summer sandals. No more of those good for you shoes that makes you feel old and frumpy. Truth is that I am not a shoeaholic, I am a shoe phobic. I buy shoes because I have to wear something on my feet. Then after awhile I realize that they hurt and I return to my dansko clogs.

Well I was determined to buy myself some nice pretty sandals this season. I have decided that I didn't want anything clunky or "good for you."I wanted to be sleek and sophisticated.

So I went on a sandal hunt. Considering there are still Memorial Day sales all over the place I figured I could find some rather nice shoes for a decent price. WRONG. The only thing I saw that might have worked were some Gucci's for around $500. Now remember I had an issue with a Gucci product recently. Gucci does not stand behind their products and I wrote about that HERE. Moreover, the idea that I would actually pay so much money for a piece of  leather attached to a toe-thong is ridiculous.

I did look at the classic Jack Roger sandal. But not only did they no longer have the color I wanted,
they too were really skimpy. As were every other pair of sandals I saw. It was almost as if you ended up not really wearing a shoe at all. OK, I suppose that is the idea. But it really can't be good for you if all you have on your feet is something that is going to send you to a podiatrist. Actually, I also own one pair of fancy sandals with a bit of a heel, if I ever go someplace where I have to get dressed up.

Reluctantly, I had to come to the realization that perhaps I really did have to return to fitflops or Merrills for the summer. For everyday, I do have my dansko sandals from years ago and they are still in good shape. But you do need a change of shoe. So back to the local store I went and fitflops I did buy.

I think they will be OK. Not exactly elegant, but apparently they are the shoe of the moment. Or so I am told.


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