Tuesday, June 10, 2014

When culling the Facebook page becomes a needed reality

So, if any of you read my blog Raising Asperger's Kids you know that I have gone on an autism hiatus. I have also decided to get rid of those who I can't relate to on my Facebook page. You see most, if not all of my FB friends are from my autism advocacy and beyond that I think we have very little in common. So I am trying to determine who to keep and who shall I let go.

The reality is that most of the people that I interact with are nice and sweet and have nice and sweet friends. We can even disagree on politics, but do so in such a respectful manner that it makes it fun and not something to avoid. Unfortunately that is not how it is with everyone. So I will be culling my on-line herd. I have done this before and it added so much to my calm. Also if I post a comment on one of your posts and it goes unrecognized or you don't answer a message I sent you, I have decided that you have no use for my friendship. So adios.

I think as part of my self-awareness hiatus I am going to once again decide that I am not the world's helper. I am going to realize that even if you are an autism self-advocate, I can find my information elsewhere if you chose to be friends on-line with disrespectful and emotionally infantile people. If you insult who I am on any level, or have friends that do so, I am going to wave you a very big good bye.

I wish everyone well in their lives. I hope your points of view make you very happy and give you solace. But I am tired of the annoying that happens with people none of whom I even know IRL.


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