Saturday, June 28, 2014

Yes, I Chart my TV Shows

It's interesting how television has evolved through the decades. From only one snowy channel to innovative and interesting cable programming. In fact there are so many shows I like to watch that I keep a seasonal chart of what's on and what day they are shown. The best part is that if I miss a show, which invariably I do,  since some of my favorites are on at the same time, I can stream them on my computer the next day, or purchase a commercial free version at Amazon.

And yes, I know we are mad at Amazon, because of it's heavy handedness with one particular publishing house, but I still use Amazon, when its better for me...Oy my younger son says I'm being selfish. I can't wait until he passes the collegeman self-righteous stage of life. But I did buy him a membership to Barnes and Noble so he can buy his books for school from there instead of Amazon. Interestingly, I had to buy the latest Robert Galbraith in paper form from B&N too since Amazon didn't seem able to carry it. It had been years since I read a hardcover book instead of on my Kindle. I had forgotten the sensation. Meanwhile, I downloaded the Nook app to my iPad mini. Just in case I had to join the boycott of Amazon in favor of another author I liked. I also plan to order some  magazines on it too. Might as well...right?

R&I is shorthand for RIzzoli and Isles; Notice the politically incorrect Tyrant...can't stand the yahoos who think its Islamaphobic, don't these dolts actually watch the news?

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