Thursday, November 13, 2014

Amazon Prime Pantry...Learning to avoid brick and mortar all together

I remember when Amazon was an interesting start up. We got this very excited call from my father-in-law about this new company on line that you could order a book and it would show up at your door in a few days. The entire idea of shopping on line was new. In fact that was the year the company e-toys was a big hit. Not only could you avoid the mad rush during Christmas, but these people would wrap your presents for you as well. (This was way before any established company got the idea that the internet could be used for shopping.) It was a revelation. A new form of shopping was born. So much so that the  business cycle has become reliant on cyber Monday as much, if not more, than black Friday.

In the years that followed Amazon branched out and has become one of the biggest retailers in the country. One of the nicest aspects of Amazon is that if you become a PRIME MEMBER, you get free-two-day shipping on anything you buy that is a Prime object, from books, to video games, clothes, televisions, and even veggie wash. Heck you can stream thousands of shows and movies for free too. For us it really pays. If I need something I order it. I do not generally step into a brick and mortar store. Yet, of course, there still remains some kind of need for tactile purchasing, as Amazon is going to open its first "real store" in Manhattan later this year.

Well I discovered something new on Amazon. It is Prime Pantry you can order any number of household, nonperishable food and laundry items and they will send it to you for a set low fee. Of course you have to be a Prime Member to begin with, but as I wrote its worth it for us.

So I ordered my first box yesterday: paper towels, toilet tissue, softener, dishwasher tabs, clorox wipes, shampoo, razor blades and vitamins. It was so easy.

Note: its easy to get carried away. So before you shop on Prime Pantry do what you always do if you went to the supermarket...make a list or you will spend more than what you need.


By the way, I have also found a way to shop for perishables without leaving home too. But that's another post.

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