Monday, August 17, 2015

Book Review and Giveaway: "The Devil's Bridge" by Linda Fairstein


Once again Linda Fairstein hits it out of the park. She combines New York City history, along with an exciting crime and legal drama to provide you with an interesting, seat of your pants, very enjoyable read. I opened Devil's Bridge and simply couldn't put it down.

Let's begin at the beginning. This is the 17th novel in Fairstein's Alexandra Cooper series. Our heroine is an ADA in the Sex Crimes Unit of the Manhattan District Attorney's office. A position Fairstein created in real life. She deals with the worst of the worst. Think Law and Order: Special Victims Unit on steroids. Cooper, or Coop, as her police-officer-buddy turned boyfriend, Mike Chapman, calls her, is a respected, well-known element in the world of finding justice for victims and bringing to bear the full force of the law on criminal perpetrators. She takes no prisoners when it comes to ensuring that the streets of New York City are safe from sexual predators. But then Coop disappears....enemies abound for Coop. So the intense and frightening question is where do the powers-that-be begin their search for the missing ADA.

That is when Mike Chapman and his partner Wallace Mercer, go into action. It's time to find Coop. It's take no prisoners time. While the question becomes who snatched Coop and why, in the end, it is the answer of course that will surprise you. Chapman's investigation leads the reader to the Statue of Liberty, the American Revolution, military history and a modern crime wave. It takes you on a whirlwind journey through a time in New York City history that many have conveniently forgotten...the bad-old-days of the 1970s and 80s, complete with Irish gangs, murder and mayhem.

Meanwhile, Fairstein draws on a huge cast of characters. If you pay attention to New York City, and even U.S. national politics, there is fun in identifying these miscreants. Check out the sleazy "Reverend" shyster with access to the mayor and even the White House; the District Attorney who is only really interested in his political standing and is willing to throw anyone under the bus to maintain his standing; the useless, feckless mayor and his questionable friends, cronies and power abusing spouse; additionally even the politics of policing in New York City comes into play. But in the end the men and women in blue do what they do best. Save lives and keep New York City safe.

And of course, it all comes back to the lore of The Devil's Bridge. Not only is it about dangerous spans built all over the world, but the intervention of Beelzebub and the price he demands for his help. In the end, it's simply a question of whether you too could trick the devil with flair and aplomb?

All the books in this series are fine as a stand alone mystery. Read it and enjoy.


I have been allowed to offer this book in a giveaway. Please leave a comment below to enter the contest. Unfortunately it is only open to people with a US address.  The giveaway ends Monday, August 24.

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  1. Sounds like a great book. I could use a friend's FL address if I won if that was ok.


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