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Copyright and Caveat

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  1. Was following up on something related to Oliver Peoples reading glasses and wound up on your blog. In addition to an interest in eyeglasses, I also happen to serve as Guardian for my adult Down Syndrome brother, plus I run in early mornings with a friend who has a son with Asperger's. So I'm tuned into the South Florida network of parents and support organizations for special needs children and adults. 1.) Your general philosophy of strengthening of caregiving persons through shared avocations of spirit, mind and body (health, fashion, design, fun stuff) is right on the mark and necessary. 2.) Your discovery of Oliver Peoples frames in May will enhance your own perceptions of the world and vice versa to make you and even better analyst, reporter and advocate. Sincere good wishes...

    1. Thank you Anonymous. Btw I just bought myself a pair of Oliver People's frames. I have to say they r funky fun and add to my joie de vivre


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